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With an international faculty of well known experts in the field  the ESSO Advanced Course on Oncoplastic Breast Surgery will explore in depth the novel oncoplastic approach to breast cancer surgery where plastic surgical techniques are used to improve the  oncological and esthetic outcomes of breast cancer surgery.

The systematic approach will address topics from treatment planning through various oncoplastic surgical techniques, methods to improve surgical resection margins and improving patient satisfaction.

The Course will provide a practical, workshop-based approach for surgeons to achieve the best cosmetic results in breast cancer surgery without compromising cancer surgery outcomes.

Educational outcomes
•Improve knowledge of the different options in oncoplastic breast
surgery techniques
• Use correctly indications and contra-indications for oncoplastic
breast surgery
•Improve surgical outcomes by optimising resection margins and increasing rates of complete resections

Educational Methods
• Plenary lectures
• Workshops
• Case based discussions and treatment planning
• Oncoplastic MDT decision making tools

Ideal Course candidates
• General surgery residents with breast interest
• Residents in Breast Surgical, Surgical Oncology
• Specialist breast surgeons with traditional training
• Breast surgeons who wish to develop their oncoplastic skills
• Gynecologists with breast interest or with breast sub-specialty

Course Coordination
Ana Galán
Tel. +32 2 775 02 43
Email. Ana.galan@essoweb.org